National Karv Maga Fderal Of India
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Prior to 1948 the modern state of
Israel did not exist. The last time
the world heard anything about
Israel was in 70 A.D.
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World Wide Training Centers
Israeli System of Military Self Defense (Israel)
Martial Arts / Self Defense Program for Schools & educational institutions

The above program is best suited for educational institutions and schools who want to give their students the best from the world of fitness and self defense, and create more aware, confident as well as self reliant students.

Crash Course in Women’s Self Defense

Enables girls and women of any age with the confidence to defend them under any situation, this program is highly successful all over the world and is currently being taught to tens of thousand of women in India and elsewhere.

Crash Course in Children’s Self Defense

For children’s age groups 2and ½ years onwards prepares kids to face any kind of violence in their schools or own back yards, also teaches them self reliance , builds self esteem, musters courage and gives them the strength required to face a volatile world.

Self Defense course for the elderly

For Senior citizens, who live alone, and are in need to protect themselves from mugging ,or other ever present threats of a metropolis.

Crash course for air cabin crew /pilots

A holistic health and fitness program for a high flying lifestyle, to take off work pressure, and keep you fighting fit.

Programs for Military/Police/Security Agencies.

Certified Seminars & permanent schools for:
Self defense in unarmed and weapons combat scenarios,
Use of Baton and stick for defense and offence for police & security personnel,
Anti Riot Training,
Mob Management,
V.I.P / Executive protection,
Special Strike force training,
Mobile Training Teams,
Crisis/Risk Management,
Evacuation Management,
Training in Holland or in your country conducted by Ex Army Officers
Counter Surveillance,
Travel Awareness,
Explosive Devices,
Defensive Driving,
Operational Driving,
Hostage Negotiation,
Anti terrorist training.