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Prior to 1948 the modern state of
Israel did not exist. The last time
the world heard anything about
Israel was in 70 A.D.
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Sayings of Mr. Mehul Vora: All Sayings are copy righted under the Copy rights act
  • Each man is a dog at some mans door
  • I know I am very poor at conversations all I can talk is Martial arts for all I learnt is martial arts now all I know is martial arts.
  • Strive for peace but train for war
  • Training in Martial Arts is a Marathon and not a sprint
  • If you Must you should, if you must not you shouldn’t but if you wont you cant.
  • The art of war is nothing but the art of life and also the art of death
  • One who knows how to live also knows how to die.
  • What I appear I am not, what I am I appear not.
  • Masters are people who know more and more about less and less.
  • Above all to your own self be true for you can cheat all but not yourself
  • I know perfection is unattainable but still lets try to achieve it.
  • What ever you can do I can do it better, so be good.
  • Right training will make the donkey run like a horse
  • In my Dojo there is only one membership and that’s life membership!
  • If you cant see New York from here that doesn’t mean New York doesn’t exist
  • Use My eyes and you will see the bigger picture.
  • One who has worked hard and played his part well has nothing to fear.
  • If you want it and don’t get it, only means you dint want it enough
  • Tell him what he wants to hear, tell him what he wants you to say and he will do what you want him to do.
  • If you know your problem, believe me it’s already half solved.
  • From where I am looking at it there’s no competition, there never was.
  • No one can ever love you like your dog does.
  • After understanding what I've said, understand what I dint say
  • - - Sensei Mehul Vora

If you are good enough you do not require a black belt, If you are not you wont get one,
- Grand Master :Chogun Miyagi.

A Karateka in training is in Karate,
Strength comes from health, Speed comes from effort, Technique comes from experience, Will power comes from faith, Serenity comes from old knowledge, Progress comes from New Knowledge
- Maestro: Peter Urban

"To train not only in the lesson But in everyday life, And to change the world around us: This is the true meaning of Dojo"
- Grandmaster: Shioda Gozo

He whose "NO" is not real NO, neither is his "YES" is real YES
I do not trave abroad in order to see the Sights;
I go to meet People Waiter bring me two of whatever my doctors do not allow me to have
- Imi Sde-Or

  • All things come into existence, And hence we see them return.
  • Look at the things that have been flourishing;
  • Each goes back to its origin.
  • Going back to its origin is called peace; It means reversion to destiny.
  • Reversion to destiny is called eternity.
  • He who knows eternity is called enlightened.
  • He who does not know about eternity is running
  • Blindly into miseries.
  • - Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

  • Knowing is not enough we must apply willing is not enough we must do Like the cobra your strike should be felt before it is seen.
  • Its not daily increase but daily decrease that's important, accept what is good discard what is bad hack away the unessential
  • When I dint know this art a kick was just a kick to me a punch was just a punch, when I studied the art a kick was not a kick to me a punch was not a punch now that I know the art a kick is just a kick to me and a punch is just a punch
  • - Bruce Lee

  • The way that is the way is not the ordinary way
  • You do not know life how shall you know death
  • - Confucious

  • It is better to evade then to block, its is better to block then to hit, it is better to hit then to be hit, it is better to hurt then to maim, it is better to maim then to kill it is better to kill then to be killed.
  • If you do not wish to find the answer inside you where do you intend to look
  • The only wisdom you find on a mountain top is the wisdom you take there
  • I do not give a few words of charity when I give I give myself
  • Life if thou know how to use it, is long enough
  • The most useful space in a bowl is the emptiness.
  • If you want to fill your bowl with my food of knowledge come with an empty bowl,
  • - Grandmaster : Seigichi Toguchi

  • When your hands go forth Withhold your temper, when your temper goes forth withhold your hands one who conquers himself is the true warrior.
  • - The bible of Bubishi

  • The Best Swords stay in the scabbard.
  • There is no Knowledge that is not power
  • The first thing to kill is your ego
  • It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but its all about the size of the fight in the dog.
  • Before learning an art of 10 years spend 20 years in finding the right teacher.
    - Anonymous.