National Karv Maga Fderal Of India
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Prior to 1948 the modern state of
Israel did not exist. The last time
the world heard anything about
Israel was in 70 A.D.
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Welcome to the KRAV MAGA Official Website
Mr. Mehul Vora, Is one of those Rare breed of martial artists of India, Having started his initial training at the early age of 3yrs, he was awarded a first degree black belt in Japanese / Okinawa international Gojuryu after 11 years of grueling training at the age of 16 years,
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  • Each man is a dog at some
    mans door.

  • Strive for peace but train for war.

  • One who knows how to live
    also knows how to die.

  • Training in Martial Arts is a
    Marathon and not a sprint.
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